What it is?

Air-Touchable hologram

Holograil is a unique marriage of three cutting-edge technologies that allows the impossible: to see the image suspended in thin air...and be able to touch it!

No films, no glass, no fog and no additional hardware for the user - a real sci-fi experience!

How it works

These features make Holograil absolutelly unique


The projected image is brigth, detailed and high-resolution. Holograil is readable even with direct sunlight present.


Advanced hand-tracking algorithms allow interaction with the content both in 2D plane and 3D space modes.


Holograil is available both as standalone device or a set of equipment that could be built into walls, furniture, etc.


The technology only seen in sci-fi movies before is a huge wow-factor guarantee for your audience!


The company specialises in taming various innovative technologies and creating content for them - ranging from virtual reality to physical sensors.

12 years of experience and dedicated team of specialists in engineering, 3D graphics and programming made Holograil possible.

Initial prototypes are being developed together with partners Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University (LT) and International Development Norway AS (NO).

Project is partially funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism in Lithuania.


Already great as it is.

But we have a few more aces up our sleaves to make it even more awesome!
Q1 2021

First Prototype

Concept, early R'n'D and first prototype, market research.
Q3 2021


Further development gets funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism in Lithuania.
Q3 2022

Public launch

Models of three different configurations are presented in live expositions and private demo sessions.
Q1 2023

"Grail Touch"

Development of unique interaction model that will allow full intuitive manipulation of 3D models.
Q2 2023

User Head tracking

Precise tracking of users head will allow even more compeling 3D content to be displayed.
Q3 2023

Tactile feedback system

Development of mid-air feedback - creating the feeeling of touch at your fingers while touching...air!
Q4 2023

More use cases

Currently we're focusing on entertainment, marketing and museums sectors, but staying open for others.

Currently we're looking for

  • Brave early clients, ready to use Holograil right away
  • Investors, looking to fund the next stages of development
  • Co-creators, willing to implement this tech in their products
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